Friday, December 2, 2011

Facepaint: Urban Decay's NAKED Sequel

photo from Urban Decay website

Urban Decay just launched its Naked 2 Palette. I just recently got my original Naked, and now here comes a new one! The swatches posted all around the web are quite tempting. I'm not too sure though if I'll be joining the bandwagon and get it soon. At $50, its no joke to splurge again on an eyeshadow palette. The shades seem metallic in the pics. It also has more taupes and greyish beiges, which I prefer more than the bronzes and browns of the original. Oh well.  Maybe I can ask Santa for one? ;)


  1. The UD Naked 2 looks pretty sleek ah! But it's so pricey though.. >.<

  2. i do not see big wow about tht pallete , really dont see what people see in it :P

    btw if u have time:

    (yeah im new to bloggin :( )

  3. Oooh . I must get this one. I love nudes.